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Sunny London!


hello world.
how are you?

i can not believe that I’m enjoying the blue sky here in

its just beautiful.

had lunch at Vantra, a vegan restaurant buffet style in a box.

Vantra | Eco cuisine and barVantra | Eco cuisine and bar

2014 05 19 12 29 37

since its a box, its inevitable that the flavors mix but
it sure was delicious.

2014 05 19 12 50 58

raw chocolate raspberry cheese cake.

one new thing i learned was that cakes can still be called a pudding.

2014 05 19 13 19 02

saw Emma-Ji’s photo in the lululemon store!
if you have not taken Emma’s class, its a must!!!

2014 05 19 19 07 25

had some of this pasta for dinner but it was soooo good.
if you have an opportunity to get this pasta, you should really try it.
GF, Vegan, and organic!!!

thinking of bringing some back to japan.

thats around it.

going to berlin tomorrow. 🙂


hello Europe!!!


made my way to london from Ibiza.
will be here for a few days till i make my move to Berlin.

its a beautiful day here in london.

2014 05 18 08 26 42

i have never seen a beautiful day like this here in london before. its SUNNY!!!!
but like they say, it can’t rain ALL the time.

photo shoot, good food, good company.

thats the plan for today.

2014 05 17 20 41 11

i guess people are trying out new plane wheels.

life is beautiful.


11/1 Last day of London.


started the day with a brunch at inspiral lounge.

2013 11 01 11 35 22 HDR

desert with the raw vegan hazel nut chocolate cake…
thank you Somita!

2013 11 01 12 21 45 HDR

some breaking bad t-shirts at the market.

season 5 was something alright.

got back and took some pictures of the moomin mug cup.

2013 11 01 13 29 40 HDR

there is a story

2013 11 01 13 29 44 HDR

thought it was cute.

2013 11 01 13 29 49 HDR 1


then off to jordan to have lunch.

2013 11 01 15 09 06 HDR


2013 11 01 15 09 10 HDR

quinoa salad!

Gabby and Jordan has been an amazing host!!!
thank you so much for the bread and the amazing home made foods!
and the smoothies too!

and the evening ended with dinner at Emma-Ji’s house.
where i got to finally talk to Nick and Pashenka
(saw them in woodstock but never had an opportunity to talk)

it was a beautiful day.

a gift from emma-ji.

2013 11 02 10 49 12 HDR

didn’t last that long.
so delicious…

10/30 3 classes, Huma, and more vegan food!!!


what a day.
traveled west, to east, to west, to north, to east.

started the day with going to the life center. (thank you liz!)
and then off to see Jordan.

2013 10 30 08 53 50 HDR

i love how the streets of London are so kind and genereous.

after the class, Clare and I, went to get some food.
to be precise, Im the only one who ate the food because Clare had an Indian food date.

2013 10 30 11 23 44 HDR

this is the restaurant.

they were giving out free samples, and the falafel was amazing!
so delicious.

2013 10 30 11 20 42 HDR

decided to get the plate today for some reason.

then off to see Huma and her baby.

2013 10 30 13 05 37

at the park just relaxing.

2013 10 30 15 17 31 HDR

i don’t have Huma’s picture and her husband, “jon” here but
they were so lovely and i was able to eat some home made food.
umm… how i love home made vegan food.

2013 10 30 17 05 27 HDR

on the overground.

one of the things that i enjoy on the public transportations are these guys.

you can’t have them in japan or korea.
so i love watching these cute furry people on train.

taught an candle lit class at Indaba for Emma.

a beautiful class.

you learn so much when you sub a class.
and you can tell how much the students love their teacher…

the evening ended with manna!

Manna Restaurant Reviews, London, United Kingdom - TripAdvisorManna Restaurant Reviews, London, United Kingdom – TripAdvisor

i have to say i really loved the food here.

i need to come back next time i go to london.

and its across Triyoga!
so if anyone is going to do some yoga at triyoga primrose hill studio, you can have vegan food afterwards.

2013 10 30 20 49 17 HDR

warm apple cinnamon drink.

2013 10 30 21 08 28 HDR

GF fajita.

2013 10 30 21 08 34 HDR

delicious onion ring

2013 10 30 21 34 48 HDR

vegan dessert.

good vegan food makes any day a happy day.

10/27 Teaching at Triyoga, Brunch at Spiral, Story Pizza


A bit tired from too much dancing the night before
but made my way to Triyoga studio.

yoga London - Pilates - health treatments - triyogayoga London – Pilates – health treatments – triyoga

2013 10 27 09 41 33 HDR

Subbed for Emma, who was away to Norway.
A beautiful class with some people i know.
Liz who came to the workshop last week.
and Clare who came to Black and Light yesterday.

Clare told me that she was going to come to the workshop at Indaba
so i asked if there was any good vegan restaurant near by.
Then she took me to Inspiral Lounge.

Home | inSpiralinSpiralHome | inSpiralinSpiral

2013 10 27 12 27 31 HDR


2013 10 27 12 20 33 HDR

had the Cooked Vegan Bake-Up

2013 10 27 12 37 00

it was soooooo delicious.

2013 10 27 12 37 05

had this raw chocolate tart!!

Made it to the studio in time (close call…)

2013 10 27 16 37 04 HDR

Name next to master Wong.

went to Jordan’s place for the private and
had some vegan pizza afterwards at Story Deli

this is the pizza

2013 10 27 20 07 53 HDR

it was soooo good….

10/25 Yoga Show, Oval Space


started the day with my trip to the yoga show.

they say, this is one of the largest yoga show in the world
and i was quite excited to see what it was all about.

2013 10 25 12 16 08 HDR

i was given a guest pass today so i didn’t have to wait in line!

2013 10 25 12 22 52

yoga products,

2013 10 25 12 32 01 HDR

this is one of my favourite yoga prop, feet up.

i saw this in munich and i have to say, i really want one of these…

2013 10 25 12 38 53 HDR

classes happening all around.

Jiva teachers, Master Wong and many amazing teachers!!

2013 10 25 12 39 53 HDR

Promoting Vegan products!!!


2013 10 25 13 02 15 HDR

felt like a reunion.
met with the crew from Yoga Works and Roberto Milletti Sensei.

Green Smoothie!!!

2013 10 25 13 33 56

This girl was selling vegan cake that her mother made.

it was delicious!!!

2013 10 25 14 02 51 HDR

so many booths…

2013 10 25 14 14 35 HDR

Portable Hot Yoga Pods.

2013 10 25 14 17 12

promoting Black and Light

and that was that.

headed back for the private .

2013 10 25 16 50 03 HDR

Love lock down.

2013 10 25 16 51 07 HDR

more street art.

2013 10 25 19 32 16 HDR

amazing dinner Gabby made

2013 10 25 20 28 37 HDR

talk about bling…

and went to Oval Space that Jordan Co-Owns.

Oval SpaceOval Space

this place is amazing.
a must if you have not gone there yet.

2013 10 25 20 42 12 HDR

pretty sweet.

2013 10 25 20 43 03 HDR

this is what the inside looks like

2013 10 25 20 43 11 HDR

and their outside space is pretty amazing too

2013 10 25 20 45 28 HDR

wanted to hang out for some party but
i was a bit tired and had to get ready for the
Black and Light and the workshop the following day
so i had to leave before it really started…

maybe next time…

10/23 Apple store again, Mildred, and Satsang at Itadakizen.


The morning started off with a 7:30 private.
i love to practice in the morning and teach in the morning.
so it started off really nice.

Apple gave me an exemption and decided to replace my iPhone.
i had to make my way back to apple today.

then had lunch at Mildred

Mildreds Vegetarian Restaurant, SohoMildreds Vegetarian Restaurant, Soho

got the vegan burger with the fries(or chips)

2013 10 23 12 47 36

and had some sweets.

2013 10 23 13 11 41

I’m trying to stay away from sweets as much as possible
but this chocolate+peanutbutter brownie looked too good to say no.

after this, went back to Emma-Ji’s house.
and we all went out to take Emma-Ji’s class.

so many Jivamukti Teachers at the class and already felt like an reunion.
also met up with Eamonn.
i have not seen him for about 3 years so that was a big surprise.

we all went to Itadakizen to have dinner

itadakizen UKitadakizen UK

Vegan Japanese Food.

2013 10 23 20 18 33

table for 7.

2013 10 23 20 54 41

some Chapche(its actually a Korean food)

2013 10 23 20 55 28

i got the Tendon.

2013 10 23 22 10 31

and a group photo with everyone.

Jivamukti Satsang is always beautiful…

10/21 – 5:2 Diet / Took Alessia’s Class


Today is my first attempt of the 5:2 Diet.
You may wonder if i need to be on a diet,
but after having issues with my kidney stones,
i thought it might be good to cleans once in a while
with mild fasting.

So i heard about this diet from Emma and seemed quite interesting. After all, Yogis love to try out new things. 🙂

started the day with some water,
and went to Indaba to take a class with Alessia.

Alessia Avellino « Indaba YogaAlessia Avellino « Indaba Yoga

you can check out her info here.

and then did some grocery shopping for amazing vegan foods.

don’t have any pictures unfortunately.
but soy yoghurt, Sharon-ji’s favourite vegan cheese, some veggies, and few snacks.

at this point, me and emma were bit hungry so we decided to snack on some low calorie japanese rice crackers.

then i was off to go see Jordan and Gabby. 🙂

another great day and feeling good.

10/19 LONDON!!!!


that song by the clash is playing in my head and it feels quite good. 🙂

today feels more like the first day.

had a nice conversation with Tim in the morning about music
and some interesting shows that we have seen.

Emma brought back some soup and we had some soup+toast.
Tried Marmite for the first time in my life.
(a bit different than vegemite)

than off to see Jordan and Gabby!!!

2013 10 19 14 54 17 HDR

some cool graffiti.

Gabby made some very delicious toast after the class
spelt toast with tomatoes and olive oil.
it was soooo good but the toast… unbelievable.
i want to bring some back to japan…
i think its one of the best bread i have ever tasted…

2013 10 19 17 16 19 HDR


Emma-Ji made some delicious Dhal and Aloo Gobi for dinner
2013 10 19 19 26 31 HDR

home made indian food is always amazing.
i asked where she learned how to cook like that but she would not let me know… hmm…

2013 10 19 20 34 20 HDR

ended the night with delicious Chocolate dairy free ice cream

2013 10 19 20 34 15 HDR
and amazing new tracks from Tim. The album is yet to come but the songs are just amazing. i wanted to use it for my class.

and he’s blowing up in japan.

::: BEATINK Official Website / Beat Records / Tim Deluxe :::::: BEATINK Official Website / Beat Records / Tim Deluxe :::

can’t wait to see him play in Japan…